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I started this module performing my songs to the class in a stripped back folk-style acoustic setting but nervousness and lack of practice by showing newest content made my performances feeling un-natural, uncomfortable and too difficult for me.

By standing up with something in my hands either a microphone or guitar I can put my personal dynamic energy into the songs making me feel more comfortable about my performances. I do enjoy playing music with other people too,

There’s nothing like live bass’

Having written most of my songs on the guitar, plugging in and distorting it, and nostalgia was encouraging with the distorted rock riffs, using a microphone on the vocals was instantly fun. Developing that idea into a megaphone made it even more fun.

If I’m totally honest I am not sure if would now push on with a rock band idea I would rather develop myself further as an artist through focusing my songwriting and production and establish something of my own works.

Managing the organization and production of a band, rehearsal space, recording space and also write/ compose the music is nonetheless strenuous and full on, challenging but fun.

I think if the other band members were as committed as me to the overall aims of this project I believe regular practice would have made our performances a whole lot better and we would definitely have more content to perform and potentially release.

I am very happy I had help with the graphics side of the project, I don’t think I could have made as equal an impact on the over all aesthetic of the performance. The prosodic titles of the tracks and the video image branding flashing in the backdrop video really homed in the message and mission statement of the band. I tried not to over do the costume as No Sweat is trying to replicate the 90’s norm-core grunge/ skater aesthetic.

The last week leading up to the event had quite an effect on the way I ate, or didn’t in some cases and slept.

Although I have taken a lot out of this experience designing and running of the project, if I were to do this again I would have to make sure that 30mins time out for eating good food during each day is ensured. Coffee and cake is no sustenance for the running of a live show/ managing a stage and also performing as an artist.

I would organize and try my best to keep to a strict weekly rehearsal schedule. I would definitely use the foot pedal and bring more dynamics into the sound of the performance.

For the event I think I would have ordered more t-shirts if more money could have been collected in due time.

A Polyprism banner across the front table would have also been nice.




Whilst designing the band name and aesthetics i came across my friends printing and graphics business Ka-Roka design. Being in a metal band he instantly related to my project and helped develop my aesthetic ideas.

I drew up a quick document to share my ideas and sent it over to him.

Design Brief – Ka-Roka Design

He also agreed to help me print some stickers & t-shirts for merchandise and build a backdrop video for the stage during the performance. I sent him a demo version of my first track ‘She Fuels The Burn’ and he created this as first draft…



The No Sweat Ep is about writing music using nostalgia… In my dissertation I covered how we process music internally using nostalgia and presumptions. Growing up I was surrounded by Rock & Metal music… In my teens I followed bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Skunk Anansie, Metallica, Nickelback, P.O.D, and Korn…

I still havnt found a sound of my own yet in regards to performing regularly on the open mic and gigging circuit, I chose to try out my luck and put together a garage band.

Ultimately it was about making a performance of a few acoustic songs have a strong presence on stage… Why not plug the guitars in and turn them up!!

I tried on 3 separate occasions to record using the University studios and came across problems with the desk and configuration i decided to be as resourceful as possible and record the drums at RecordOne Studios with Elliot Paffy. (A fellow student on our course also)


We had to build this drum kit out of two separate kits as there was broken pieces and issues with each set…


The drum kits had been sat in a shed exposed to the weather for nearly two years… The sound was ‘trashy’ and raw… I Personallly liked this texture on the sound as i wanted the ep to sound like it had been recorded with grungy rock metal in mind. This cymbal above was far too loud so the bits of black tape were to try and create a dampener or something to absorb the really loud vibrations! … Yes it worked!


For documentation purposes here is a terrible performance of me making up the half written song as we go… This session was important because it was the first time Ash had played bass with me and Tommy on drums…

After some tutor feedback and research I have decided to purchase a megaphone to perform with. Giving grainy crunchy sound to the vocal line that will marry well with the distorted guitars and rock / punk sound and also provide more depth to the performance…



Here are some famously known & home performances using a megaphone ..




After a brief conversation with a friend outside of University I realised he ran a graphics company and asked him if he would be interested in helping with my projects to which the reply was yes he’s more than happy to help! This is a huge weight of my shoulders as i am illiterate when it domes to photoshop, I was feeling the pressure of aesthetic side of my project letting me down… With in one night of me asking and forwarding my last blog p[ost to him as a brief he came back at me the next day with this…



This is the first edit of the idea I gave him and I’m more than pleased with it!! We have since been in daily discussions regarding the media side of this band project and i am looking forward to handing over some footage for video editing. We will be making an intro video with a gif style backdrop for each track. I decided to write up a design brief so that we have communicated this mission via documents… Jason will also be helping me in the design process of branding another local artist of which will be performing under destiny sessions… take a look at what i sent him in the link below

Design Brief – Ka-Roka Design


The band name was originally going to be TEN OF THE BEST. A nice ambiguous term that can be interpreted many ways across a couple of generations… It was chosen for the nice ring to the saying and also that the meaning is left up to the audience member to decide….

After some challenges I faced during this project for example, after practicing sessions my bass player Ed would always finish with purple swollen fingers, My drummer would put his effort in and self soak his t-shirt and my personal concerns for the future of this project the term NO SWEAT was stated after a successful day in the studio. I believe it also has a more grungy relevance given that my music for this project is post 60’s rock / metal / punk!

In order to have the visual representation for the band i originally thought of having a rubber stamp with stencil lettering and an out line. like the picture below…

13070622-Denied-rubber-stamp-Stock-VectorMy girlfriend suggested that my letters should look like they’re sweating so we researched some more…. I also asked Nic Finch who had helped me with my signature and he replied with some instructions


Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 20.56.32.png


Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 23.55.23.png



DOWNLOAD HERE: No Sweat – Stage Plan & Tech Spec

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 16.40.28.png

No Sweat

Stage Plan & Tech Spec


  • 1 x Marshall Guitar Stack
  • 1 x Bass Guitar Stack
  • 1 x DI Box (bass)
  • 1 x 3piece Drum Kit From A25
  • 1 x PA System 2 x Speakers & 2 x Sub Speakers
  • 3 x Wedge Monitors
  • 1 x Projector & 1 x Screen
  • 2 x AKG 414 Microphones      (Drum Overheads)
  • 1 x D112 Microphone                        (Kick Drum)
  • Sennheiser MD441-U Microphone    (Snare top)
  • Sennheiser e606/609                       (Guitar Cabs)
  • 1 SM58 Live Dynamic Microphone       (Vocal)
  • Live Desk Hooked up to PRO TOOLS for recording. – Preferably my own laptop so I can set compression and simple vocal effects & limiters. I need to talk to Harish and see if this is possible…

A Rock-Punk Band performing for the first time with using a live set up with microphones going to a P.A.



  • Anthony – Electric Guitar & Vocals
  • Ash         – Bass Guitar
  • Tommy   – Drums

Bass Guitar

Bass guitar plugged into a DI box – Di Box to the live mixing desk – 1 x e606 microphone slightly left center of the top speaker cone also going to the desk. ‘P.O.V’. Facing the stage right of drums

(The reason for two lines is to record the live performance properly & see if it is good for a bonus track release)

Electric Guitar

1 x e606 microphone placed center of the top right speaker cone running to live desk.


‘P.O.V’ Facing the stage, vocal Mic front left center.


D112 on kick drum. AKG 414’s over heads nice and close about 1.5 meters height away from the drums. MD441 close as possible to top of the snare drum


Using Pro Tools & some basic presets of Compression and Limiting. Elliot Paffey is also Live sound engineer with Harish

Using the Arts Council of Wales advice on marketing and communications this post will run through how I aim to market my new ‘live’ music project.

…Where are we now?

Currently, due to the nature of my musical journey throughout CSM progressing from rapper to songwriting-singing and returning to my first instrument the guitar, I have yet to perform this new live sound in public, or to have undergone any marketing strategy for my music before now.

My band rehearses once a week and at the moment we are focusing on the final performance for the live module due to other commitments of the band members. I have already asked the band would they be interested in performing in Newport & Cardiff and the response was positive!

I believe that before I do call up any event promoters in attempt to gain gigs, I should have a physical CD or at least FREE DOWNLOADS on my artist page. This is a promotional strategy for recruiting a new audience by leading the crowd to my website and social media/ free downloads during the performances.

Fusing distorted rock guitars with soulful lyrics my target audience is 18-30’s age bracket based in South Wales because of potential regular performances being in night-clubs. I aim to gain an interest from a younger audience by applying to perform at community festivals and summer events in South Wales.

Below are a few links that list most of the venues that host live music in Cardiff and Newport. I aim to have the three track ep recorded and uploaded before I approach venues for possible gigs. I have set a deadline for the 21st April to have these recordings done.

In order to research potential competition in Gwent I found these listed websites that registers all genres of live bands based in Gwent…


The Arts Council marketing and communications guide says…

Once you have looked at the above issues, then you will be clearer of the bigger picture and this can help inform your marketing activity. A SWOT will help you do this. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

  • First ep will be available for free download
  • An interactive digital media outlet to connect with audiences before and during the gig – Facebook / Twitter
  • South-Wales has a thriving and committed rock/ alternative music following
  • This project has not been trialled, reviewed or tested
  • New music is not easy to sell
  • May only run over the coming summer months due to other band members commitments
  • May not be as engaging without repetitive choral lyrics (lyrics are story-telling soul)
  • Knowing the sound engineers that run the live circuit in Newport there is plenty of opportunity to perform in venues across Newport. Neon, Pen & Wig, Wharehouse54
  • Opportunity to bring together other contemporary welsh artists and contribute to curating the scene
  • Could be a good warm-up act for the full live sound setting
  • Capture new younger audiences and open new programming options for local venue
  • Competition from other local rock bands
  • Not enough people having prior notice to want to attend the event
  • A re-used/ re-vamped format of desert-rock may not be contemporary enough to catch a younger audience
  • More experienced and equipped bands may stand out against my music