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 In efforts to gain a wider vocabulary and understanding of the terminology used in my area of study, i decided to browse over some Ted Talks…

 Michael Tilson Thomas: Music and emotion through time

Music as a window into the Autistic mind | Jonathan Chase | TEDxSalem

The healing power of music: Robin Spielberg at TEDxLancaster

The healing power of music | Nuvi Mehta & Pepe Romero | TEDxSanDiego

Let the music tell you what to do! | John D’earth | TEDxCharlottesville


Understanding how frequency, energy and vibrations govern the make up of our existence, and they’re relevance to music is where my interests lie generally as a musical practitioner.  Last year my diss lit review was based on four sub headings,

  • Mathematical Construct of the Universe
  • Micro to the Macrocosm
  • Importance of Harmony (528hz)
  • Tuning Methods
  • Holistic practitioner and the 21st century musician.

I do agree with the feedback from my diss lit review being that I could have included more of the sub headings that we learnt throughout the Philosophical Encounters Module. I was advised to NOT ask questions, ONLY review the literature!  I took my tutors advice and done so but to get feedback on the paper saying ‘’I could have asked for questions to formulate an argument” is slightly misleading and annoying.

This year I would like to further my understandings around what is physically happening when we listen to different genres of music. How do we process and react to music/performances and what are the fundamental qualities behind a persons preferred music genre? Does music dictate social equity?

I have already scoped out a range of books and started to book them out of the libraries;

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