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Whilst doing research for Dis Lit i recently found out that frequency harmonics are vital for mitosis. (Cell division and growth)



Dr. Leonard G. Horrowitz is a master of public health working for the research facility at Harvard University. He catalyzed the investigations into the man-made origin of Aids through the release of his book Emerging Viruses: Aids & Ebola, Nature, Accident or Intentional? (1) His work is renowned for releasing health information for the benefit of mankind and this book 528 compiles thousands of years of study on the subject matters of energy, frequency and vibrations. Using ancient knowledge of Solfeggio Tones, Pythagorean & Platoic beleifs, Aristotle’s studies and backed up by Jesus Christ in The Bible 300 years afterwards, the whole basis of which all of these studies lie on is the science of LOVE. Love is a feeling and emotion, e-motion being the e-lectrical signal that is in motion through the human nervous system, causing resonance of certain vibrational frequencies within the crystalline conductor of the human body we then physically feel. We can measure the frequencies of energy and matter therefor understanding more about harmonious resonance, dissonance to harmony and the effects of vibrations or sound on physical properties. By using The bible and ancient history Dr. Horrowitz uncovers that originally there were nine core creative frequencies fundamental to constructing the universe; he explains how the central tri-angular triad of these nine frequencies especially resonates in 528hz, ‘the harmony of love’ By mapping out the frequencies of emotions and where the mind will subjectively discharge negative ions/thoughts or signals to, we now know the human body to have 7 energy junctions or chakras. The biblical reference to ‘the house of david’ is in correlation to the heart chakra as the frequency of 528 naturally opens up to receive pure spiritual energy.

 ‘’This book slam dunks gods existence, demystifies love, explains divine intervention direction and even eternal salvation, all administered musically-mathematically according to the laws of physics’’P18

 ‘’Based on substantial evidence compiled in this book, that warm fuzzy feeling you have in your heart when you are in love – the vibration of heart-felt adoration is 528. It is a key, a musical note like no other, fundamental to creation.’’p17.

Chlorophyll is responsible for carrying energy by delivering electrons from the sunlight to your blood. Describing it as the optimum energy transducer Horrowitz explains that this energy of spirituality is vibrates universally, eternally, and hydro-sonically- vibrating reality into existence through electron resonance, through 528’s presence. Human DNA is also measured resonating at 528hz and the idea of us being a result of ‘hydro-creationism’ is introduced as theory and Alpha-numerics as the language. In great detail he explains how Alpher-numerics are responsible for the creation of cymatics. Cymatics is the study of sound on matter.

 ‘’You are a digital bio-holographic, precipitation, crystallization, miraculous manifestation coming out of water!’’p56,

Listening to the frequency of 528 hz re-energizes and polarizes the ions in your body and its proven to bring about a change in mentality and physical properties within the body. Harmonious frequencies therefore are not just beneficial but detrimental for healthy growth or development of cells, tissue and DNA.

war with sound on consciousness

In 528 Horrowitz’ exposes cult behaviors of corporate record labels and John Lennon’s war against the church of satan. In some detail Horrowitz explains the connections from the illuminati and the murderer of John Lennon having been hypnotized before the shooting at a CIA meeting. Describing Lennon as a war protestor and tax critic, the reason for his murder was after writing the controversial book ‘working mans hero’ he became an enemy of the state. Highlighting the former Beatle member’s piano being tuned to 444hz (a) and White Album, and Imagine was also recorded on the piano, He concludes with evidence the reason his murder is related to 528 is it is exactly what Lennon stood for. The illuminati and Rockerfella instituted the ‘standard’ tuning of 440hz advancing on there spiritual warfare against human consciousness, all in aid of population and financial control. He says the monopolization of music in 440 ‘standard tuning’ has perpetuated society and culter to a more aggressive and agitated, psychosocial aggression and emotional distress.

Pi, PHI and 528, After explaining the details of Pi, Phi and the divisions of time and space he then reveals the importance of the aincient solfeggio tones and there beneficial factors for life. On the opposite hand the study and investment into sickening music from the Rockerfellers estate, he unfolds the information militant tuning, reasons behind and demonstrations experiments on Elvis Presleys concerts in different tuning methods. 440hz standard tuning creating mass hysteria in the crowd as opposed to a calm and transfixed audience in 444hz. (a).

He concludes the chapter with comparative analysis on standard tuning against 444hz by explaining spiritually-repressive impact of 440 and potential health benefits stimulate in dissonance with chakra frequencies. When listening to 444hz tuned music it physically moves your cells and vibrates more harmonious giving a richer more real experience.

Throughout the rest of the book Horrowitz explains how you can tune your lifestyle into 528 for virtually free, in turn reaping all of the benefits of mother nature or Gods harmony, vibrating through every living part of your cellular bio-holographic crystalline body. The heart is an electromagnetic generator more powerful than our thoughts and when this happens it is known to be intuition, the highest of guidance, whereas most people are living in conditioning to their thoughts on a lower vibration, ignoring the intuitive voice of harmony.


This book provides some critical revelation into the scientific understanding and importance of harmonious vibration. 528 is the bright green resonance of healthy earth/grass & trees, 528 is the resonance of chlorophyll and DNA. By exposing the connections of militant tuning and cult control through ‘standard tuning’ he backs up the human need for a 528 reLOVEution. His website provide numerous services ad free life changing information for the musician and non musician.


Pyramid Energy, The Universal Cure for All Diseases

 This book is an informational book written similarly to an academic journal with diagrams and a list of references about how pyramid energy works. Aether surrounds the earth, an electrostatic space of energy between the earth and ionosphere creating a geo-magnetic force field that can be altered or used for our advantage, presuming the knowledge of crystals and or pyramid power. The structure of pyramids represent a stationary magnetic force field and is constantly working, manipulating the space or frequencies within our geo-sphere by directional current flow. For this to work successfully one side of the pyramid must be facing true north with only a deviation allowed of 5 degrees and when placed successfully on the cardinal directions, the pyramid will emit radiaesthetic colors. The book explains that everything that is, is made up using three main factors, Energy, Frequency and Vibration. Everything has it own frequency in which it vibrates to exist, for example the frequency of human D.N.A is measured to be 528hz. By placing anything under a pyramid the energetic properties become ionized, charged and then create current. This process of ionizing can charge water, food, inanimate objects and the human body in proven miraculous ways. It walks through the importance of a balanced organic diet, regular sleep patterns and the benefits of ionized water. Pyramid energy can ionize water to near a super state of healing properties, the book claims some cancer treatments are out performed by the harnessing of geosphere magnetic energy. The book then talks about how diseases and illness are a blockage of energy flow within the body, current flow and can be shifted of stagnant energy using the pyramid method. Chronic pains and diseases are also to be reduced dramatically through the process of pyramid healing. The human body is said to have electromagnetic junctions called chakras where pulses of frequencies are allowed to pass or sometimes not allowed to pass through. These specific energy junctions or chakras have color and ancient solfeggio frequencies assigned to them for example the colour RED is a frequency in book labeled as F0. F0 is also the frequency conversion from radiation transformation of sunlight energy. The bioenergy of all living things including human beings can be measured, changed and stimulated according to mood, activity or health & well being. It is invisible to the naked eye but can be captured using Kirlian Photography… this is called ones Aura. Aura can be charged through meditation techniques, stimulus activity, exercise, food and nutrition. Ultimately the measurement of ones aura cannot diagnose any diseases but certainly show a level as to how healthy your body is. Sitting or lying oneself under the pyramid for 30 minuets a day will dramatically increase ones aura radiation and general health also increasing or decreasing blood pressure accordance to your body’s needs. Being in the center of magnetic pyramid energy automatically corrects the body of unnatural energetic flow. Ancient Solfeggio tones are also mentioned in the book, over the course of history the referencing frequency for the chord of A has changed from 432hz to 440hz. There is therapy available by resonating the frequencies of cells, tissues, organs and DNA. These types of frequencies are known as the bio-resonance of matter. Bio-resonance Theta and Gamma rays are also explored explaining that theta waves are a gateway into the subconscious mind, if a patient is ill in hospital and unable to communicate then through the use of theta waves doctors can gain necessary information and numerical values vital to ones health direct from the patients subconscious mind.


P343, ‘’Pyramid flows as an electrical signal and spreads throughout the body according to Kirchoffs First Law of Nodal Currents.’’







Brief 1

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Chant and Be Happy

This book is a self-help guide to mantra meditation. The word mantra is a combination of two ancient Sanskrit words, Man, meaning the mind, and Tra is the root word of an instrument. The historically proven and working activity of chanting Hare-Krishna can enlighten ones mood and self awareness.

 P27. Kirtana generally gives a more supercharged effect, like re-charging ones spiritual batteries’’

Based upon the teachings of ‘his divine grace’ ‘A.C Bhaktivedanta, the founder of the foundation for krishna consciousness, the book discusses the history and conceptual beliefs around chanting, breathing and meditation although science isn’t brought into the equation there is a couple of interviews with two famous western musicians such as John Lennon and George Harrison who both practice and promote the exercise.



 This book links the four liberal arts of Geometry, Numbers, Cosmology and Music. Mapping out what sound looks like and how it behaves in different frequencies via pictographs, geometric shapes and sciamatics the book claims it is a glimps into the nature of reality. Walking through the history and the concepts of early number systems from around the world, the book then relates numbers and music to the visual. A harmonograph is a victorian instrument that gives a visual guide to the mathematics and harmonies of music by creating an array of geometric and symmetric images they explain the development of harmonic structure. The platonic and archemdian solid shapes are then unfolded and ‘flatpacked’ into grid like images and the journey through musical keys is related and explained through the meandering directions from shape to shape, chord to chord, key to key. The book then relates the spiraling behaviour of forming planets and stars to the circular visuals of sciamatics.

 Page 206. ‘’The characteristics of drawings result from the meeting of of the running down process with the ‘laws’ represented by the various frequency ratios’’







Mother-infant musical interaction and emotional communication:

A literature Review.

 A BMus(MusEd) Alison Creighton wrote this paper on emotional communication between a mother and an infant. Emotional communication is the fluctuation between emotions and developing an understanding is vital to encourage, support and develop young children. The text goes into more detail by explaining that the most positive forms of communication is one that aligns itself with the other, either to amplify positive emotions or accelerate or motivate an other. If a child should grow up without the musical comfort and communications from a mother then the emotional state is unstable and the child associates the mother to distrust, thus creating low self-esteem and self-concept. On the search for possible musical interventions the text explains how the music and emotional interaction from the infant age is vital to the development of emotional response and communication.

‘’Furthermore, the same interactions that regulate the infant’s emotions and develop attachment are also constantly shaping the neural connections and structure of the brain and thus impact upon the child’s future development (Cozolino, 2010; Gardner & Goldson, 2002; Schore, 2001, 2003;’’

In other words attachment and child development are linked; the same emotionally communicative interactions that develop parent-child attachment also influence the development of the infant’s brain and regulatory systems and thus, the overall future development of the child (Cozolino, 2010; Gardner & Goldson, 2002; Schore, 2001, 2003; Siegel, 1999b).










Neurophysiological and Behavioral Responses to Music Therapy in Vegetative and Minimally Conscious States



This text is a published report trying to underpin the required methods of therapy for people with various disorders of consciousness. The study of neurological and behavioral responses from subjects in minimal or vegetative states of consciousness was the key foundation of the report and through measurements of electronic EEG and respitory measurements the


Case study ..

“A” was a 35-year-old female, admitted to the unit with severe TBI following a road traffic accident 10months previously, who had undergone bi-lateral frontal craniotomies to reduce cranial swelling. Both her SMART and MATADOC assessments gave a diagnosis of VS. Medication adjustments, spiking temperatures, and general poor arousal levels were thought to be impacting on her response levels. The experimental session took place during this assessment period, i.e., when arousal was reduced.

Is it saying that audible responses can encourage the development of ones brain…








Sound is all around us, how much of it we pay attention to is debatable. I hope to find inspirational & educational information and explore the relationship should there be one, between sound and consciousness.

Understanding the basic laws of physics we know everything that is, is that of vibrational frequencies holding matter together at a sub atomic level, We all feel emotional connections and responses to various music… can sound be responsible or used to aid humanity or consciousness? We have ultra sound and kidney stone blasting with sound waves and also people deterrent.

Here is the initial sketch of the desired subject matters for my dissertation literature review. I am going to look at the relationship between sound and consciousness.Although it may be a broad subject at this point in the beginning stages i plan to look at it from two points of view, Science of sound & Spirituality/Ancient Traditions.

We can also see sound creating a plethora of visual impressions through siamatics.. Can we map the relationship between siamatics and consciousness to our chakras? Can music or sound specifically aid ones consciousness or heal someone as opposed to being used as a weapon? (sonic warfare) What is the relationship between the golden ratio to the musical qualities of sound.. And more importantly….. Can vibrational sound alter atomic reality…..??

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