Final Project – Reach

This is my final brief entry for Music & Visual Media. I am currently looking to develop my own production skills for the music i write. I created some story boards and tried to follow them as best i could. Upon the day of shooting i came across many minor issues that held me back, maybe with more planning and experienced advice i could get more out of a day of shooting. I could have done with a portable system to play my pre-recorded track whilst shooting,  I could have used more than one camera for different points of view. I could have kept in time and made this video as if i were performing the track…

Using some improvisation i decided to make a montage of mixed footage but some of the sections in this video are my ideas for the future finalised video. By the end of the third year i plan on taking this first draft and developing the ideas. For the editing i have used some footage from youtube and my own footage.

This is my first attempt of using Final Cut Pro X. I really enjoyed this project however now i have accomplished the basic tools i wish to delve deeper by spending more time on it in the future.


For my final brief i am going to take an existing track i have recorded called ‘Reach for the skies’ and attempt to make a video. (Excuse the amateur sketches) :/

The track’s quality isn’t great but I’m taking this chance to experiment with some visuals to represent my own music. Should i be happy with the result i will go on to produce the track again using the university facilities and maybe taking the project further and produce a video with some more experienced help.



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