Associated Research.

About five minutes in to this film i noticed that layering two separate frames of footage can be very effective.. I will try out some methods for SAT



From Tumblr to WordPress

Firstly i tried out tumblr because it seemed easier to use than wordpress. After a few posts i wasn’t happy with the layout and decided to commit myself to wordpress. I have to say I’m glad i did and meeting the brief’s requirements for categories and sections really works nice with wordpress too.

I thought  this would be a nice visual to improvise to.


Asension. An unoffical collaboration with Jamie Lee

Im particularly interested in sacred geometry, fractals and the cosmos so i decided to google these words in google images and i came across ‘Star Tetrahedron’ by Jamie Lee. I knew right away i wanted to work with this one as the bright colours caught my attention and the intricate textures drew me into the fine details that piece together the narrative that i see behind the art. Not only is there sacred geometry in this piece there is also a story of the very building blocks of life… After Looking into the artist i co-incidently find that he has very similar interests and outlooks on life to me too.

See his work here step by step

Site Specific sound/visual Installations

This story referenced below inspired our site specific installation. We chose the bridge because the river has a long and an important role to play in Newport’s heritage and growth as a city. If you looked up at the sky whilst being on the bridge, knowing you were suspended in the air it gave a slight feeling of nausea. We gave a cue card to the participant and then sat them down in the chair with a pair of headphones. The track would play and we would ask for feed back afterwards. Over all i enjoyed this project it was a real insight to how Art is developed through ideas and concepts can catch on big by being the simplest of form.


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